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Save Your Amber Pill Bottles!

Help save the planet by reducing landfill waste while supporting the distribution of medication in needy communities in Africa and South and Central America by saving your empty, amber pill bottles to recycle them by bringing them to any club meeting.

The empty pill bottles are used as packing material for supplies of medicine shipped to clinics in Africa, South and Central America. Doctors and nurses further use the bottles for dispensing medication to their patients. So not only are you recycling and keeping the bottles out of landfills, but they are being used two additional times

The bottles that we receive at our home office in Lombard are picked up by one of our members and taken to a mission church in Brookfield. There, they are separated and shipped. Be assured that none of the bottles are recycled for profit.

Again, please be sure that the prescriotion bottles are amber, without labels, and clean.

Tip: the easiest way to remove label residue is with Goo-Gone. Once the label is peeled off, wrap 1/4 sheet of paper towel around the pull bottle and soak with Goo-Gone. Lay the pill bottle down on its side, on a plate, and wait an hour. Then it will slide off easily. Rinse with hot, soapy water and dry thoroughly.

Four amber pill bottles
Amber pill bottles

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